Haunted Hotels

Image Credit: scaryforkids.com

Image Credit: scaryforkids.com

We all love a frightening, stunning apparition story. Who doesn’t, right?

Okay, maybe not everyone loves a good ghost story, but there are some that do.

These people like ghost stories maybe because they have experienced it, or maybe because they believe in it and WANT to experience it. Nevertheless, if you want a good scare, you can always visit a hotel, like Microtel Inn Gulf Shores.

I am not like the many acclaimed ghost hunters that could actually see ghosts and feel them and interact with them. That is why perhaps, my history is not that awesome, when it comes to ghost encounters. I didn’t endure dreams of vile ectoplasm overflowing around, no shadowy figures going knock in the night.

However, it has the temperance of being a genuine story. What’s more, this spot was doubtlessly “spooky”.

I used to work in Microtel a while back. It was a truly unpleasant, alarming spot. Reminded me all that much, truth be told, of the inn in “The Shining”. No joking. It was that unpleasant, and shabby as well.

When I initially strolled into that place, I did need to concede, OK, it was truly interesting. No present day furniture, no robotized entryways. Heaps of dull, slick representations of anguishing holy people and avenging holy messengers glaring down at us from the dividers. Furthermore, the most exceedingly awful thing, no ventilation and cooling system!

In any case, as it would turn out, that is still alright. That is to say, in nowadays of desperate subsidence, a vocation is an occupation, isn’t that so?

Notwithstanding, at last, this was one occupation I needed to give up, with a huge sigh of alleviation.

What’s more, the explanation behind this, absolutely, was a direct result of every one of those wispy spirits and dreadful animals flittering about against the dividers.

As I did some examining and inspection I found that it is actually a cliché that inns and hotels are truly very ordinary places for ghosts and negative elements and souls.

I have no clue whose splendid thought it was to change these corridors, throbbing with pity, into an inn. It is not, in any case, one has to concede, an extremely effective inn.

Well, I really do not know what else to say, but that, I REALLY HAD A TERRIBLE TIME IN THAT INN, AND I WANT EVERYONE TO KNOW THAT!

Here’s a scary video for you all to feel my pain. ENJOY!


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