Ghost Story: The Case of the Jewel Thief

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It’s time for a story, it’s time for a story.

This story is creepy, so I say beware, to you…

A man who called himself Dr. Martin D. Peterson registered with the Microtel Inn Gulf Shores a long time ago. He’d touched base at the lodging in fine garments, talking in an American accent and requesting an entire suite of rooms that he pretended he was willing to pay for. Lodging staff were so inspired by his claim that his wife and servant were following in a motorcar that obviously no one scrutinized Peterson’s validity and credibility. Establishing his initial introduction he later inquired as to whether there was anyplace close by where he could buy vehicles tires, as implying he had a car is a conspicuous indication of riches at the time.

Peterson went instead to a gem specialist’s shop, where he solicited to view an extent from precious stone rings and an extravagant jewel necklet. He advised the diamond setter to have the rings sent to the Savoy so that his wife could review them. He was about to leave the shop when he appeared to have changed his mind. Turning back he advised the gem specialist to send the necklet also, yet to first lessen the cost by taking out three precious stone drops that were in it.

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At the point when Peterson left the jeweler’s, the owner of the shop, whose name was Pearson, tailed him to the Savoy, carrying the gems with him. Like the inn staff, Pearson was deluded at first by Peterson’s amazing impression. He hurriedly remodelled the necklet and brought the gems to the savoy and waited in the parlor of the lodging suite while Peterson went into another room where his wife was as far as anyone knows, dressing up.

Peterson brought five rings through with him and left the door ajar. This way, Pearson heard Peterson talking and a lady’s voice reacting. At the point when Peterson returned he said his wife loved the rings and might now want to see the necklet. He again went into the room, bringing the necklet with him, yet this time shut the entryway.

Pearson got to be suspicious when both voices halted. He let himself out into the hallway and waited. A figure in a delicate top and jacket rose up out of the nearby room a few second after. It was a hidden Peterson. There was not a single wife in sight. Caught in the act, the extortionist next attempted to fake misery and advised Pearson to call for medical help in light of the fact that his wife had all of a sudden fallen sick.

The gem specialist would not be cheated once more. They tussled until Peterson surrendered, gave back four of the five rings, recoiled on the floor. While the jeweller waited for help to arrive, Pearson suddenly pulled out a razor from his pockets and slashed his own throat, and died there on the spot while cursing the entire inn for his demise.

To this day, his ghost remains in the inn, cursing those he crosses. If you go in there and bring with you a precious jewel, you can be sure that you are no longer going home with it…

That is, if you can still go home.

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