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Microtel Inn’s Legend

There are a lot of stories about this inn, but one thing that surpasses all other ghost stories in the area is the actual history of the inn.

Legend has it, that before the place was converted into an inn, it was first a house that a realtor from Joey Crews Real Estate Agency sold to the owners. The owners lived a good life in the house but was never blessed with a child to care for.

They decided to adopt a child and cared for her like she was their flesh and blood. She was set to inherit the riches of the couple.

However, the child was acting up and was not behaving the way that the couple wished for in an heiress. She went into vices and was always disrespectful to the couple that gave her the chance to live a good and blessed life.

Hence, as the couple got older, they were more worried that the riches they struggled to have for so long for their daughter would all go to waste. They were getting sick and they understood that it was only a matter of time before they left the world, and how they wished that their daughter would at least start acting mature and responsible enough to handle the businesses.

But the daughter was nowhere near changing, and so the couple was again scouting for a new heir to adopt. The daughter got hold of this news and was very mad at the decision of her foster parents.

Months after the deal to turn the house into the inn, and days before the signing of papers to adopt a young bachelor from a distant relative of the couple, a tragic incident happened.

The couple was found dead in their room. The daughter became immediate heir to everything that the couple owned and the adoption of the bachelor that was suppose to own it all did not happen, so he has zero rights of the properties.

Investigation started and the daughter was accused of the killings but it was never proven.

Days later, the daughter also died. And through legal process, the bachelor was able to own everything and was able to push forth with the creation of the legendary and tourist favorite Inn.

To this day, nobody knows why the daughter also suddenly died. Some believed that the ghost of the couple messed with the daughter that gave her a heart attack. But these are all just stories and there is no way of telling if any of the information is real. What is real right now, however, is the fact that the inn continues to prosper and be a success, despite the many ghost stories that haunt it.

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Haunted Hotel Stories: That Time the Son of an Anniston AL Plumber Encountered A Ghost

Son of Anniston AL plumber encounters ghost

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This is a story of a friend who happens to be the son of an Anniston AL plumber.

Mentioning his dad’s occupation is relevant to the story, as his “adventure” took place when we were still quite young and when he his dad was left with no choice but to bring him to one of the sites that he was called to check and work on.

His dad was assigned to take care of a plumbing problem in a hotel, a hotel that already has the reputation as one that is haunted. However, the brave man that he was, the plumber did not seem to mind the issue, and even brought along his son because his wife was away for an emergency at her parent’s home.

When they got to the place, the father specifically told my friend to just stay in the lobby and wait for him to come back. However, being the curious boy that he was, he was out and about the corridors of the hotel, less than five minutes from the time that his dad was out of sight.

While he roamed the hotel, he was initially blissful and just giddy to check out every nook and cranny of the place, since it was also his first time in the hotel.

He was able to get a glimpse of the restaurant, the conference hall, and even went out to check the swimming pool.  He was a very adventurous kid then, but thankfully, he did not attempt to swim in the pool. If he did, I’m not sure if he was able to live to tell the tale of his life.

So, after a few minutes by the pool area, he caught sight of a door. As usual, his curiosity got the best of him and so he decided to try and open the door. Well, it opened and so he entered a dim corridor.

Little did he find that it was a restricted area in the hotel because it was believed to be the most haunted area of the place. It served like an “offering” area to the ghosts that roam the place, so that they would just stay in that area and not bother with any other places in the hotel, so as not to disrupt other guest. Kind of like how some people believe that leaving food for the dead prevents them from scaring people.Only this time, instead of food, the hotel opted to give them their own space in the hotel to roam into.

Haunted Hotel visited by son of Anniston AL Plumber

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Well, so there, my friend got in and he ended up feeling all kinds of goosebumps all over his body. Still, he decided to move further into the corridors, until he saw a flash of white pass him by in the other side of an empty room. Scared beyond his wits, he ran while shouting and for a moment, he was even lost and could not figure out which way was out.

That incident ended the curiosity of my friend. While he still has that itch to always discover things, this time, he makes sure to only go as far as his instinct tells him, and know when it is to have too much curiosity.


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Attempting to Capture Ghost in Haunted Hotels

Despite the many ghost stories about hotels, some people still visit them because they either want to act tough and prove to others that there are no such things are ghost, or they want to experience the “fun” of encountering ghosts and prove their existence to themselves and their friends.

Whichever the case, it becomes the fuel that prevents these “haunted hotels” from shutting down.

However, sometimes, those looking for a good ghost experience end up having funny ones, just like how  a friend thought he was in for a scary Chicago hotel night, but only to end up advising the hotel to have their water pipes fixed.

He booked at a known haunted hotel because he wanted to see if the ghost stories were real. As the night passed, he was feeling the goosebumps more and more – cold sweats, eerie sounds, the works.

The final straw that really got his “paranormal” aura shaking, was when he started hearing faint footsteps from the bathroom of his hotel room.

With his video camera ready, he slowly started towards the room at the wee hours of the night, preparing himself to catch the ghost on camera and then probably just flee the scene.

In truth, he was really trying to capture something similar to the video below:

So, there he was, geared and convincing himself that he was ready for the scariest day of his life. He went slowly towards the door of the bathroom, sweat all over his face and body turning cold. Slowly, he turned the knob, steadying his camera with the other hand.

Finally, he swung open and extended the camera inside the bathroom. He was half expecting a ghost to appear out of nowhere and he was trying to find his voice as he let out a little “yelp.”

However, there was nothing inside, yet, the sound of the footsteps continue. As he slowly walked inside, he realized that it was not footsteps he was hearing. He focused his eyes towards the bathroom sink, and there it was, eerily leaking and dripping water down the bathroom tiles.

He was half relieved because the scare was over, but half sad that he was not able to caught anything on camera. He decided to call it a night. But before he did, he contacted room service and informed them of the leak in his bathroom.

The next morning, he was asked to transfer to a different room because the company that the hotel got from MyWebPal has arrived to fix the leak.

For the trouble, he was given a free meal and was going to be moved to a suite, so he no longer complained.

And what do you know, his real ghost story happened in that other room. Too bad he was not prepared for it, so all he was able to do was scream; no video, no proof.


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Ghost Story: The Case of the Jewel Thief

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It’s time for a story, it’s time for a story.

This story is creepy, so I say beware, to you…

A man who called himself Dr. Martin D. Peterson registered with the Microtel Inn Gulf Shores a long time ago. He’d touched base at the lodging in fine garments, talking in an American accent and requesting an entire suite of rooms that he pretended he was willing to pay for. Lodging staff were so inspired by his claim that his wife and servant were following in a motorcar that obviously no one scrutinized Peterson’s validity and credibility. Establishing his initial introduction he later inquired as to whether there was anyplace close by where he could buy vehicles tires, as implying he had a car is a conspicuous indication of riches at the time.

Peterson went instead to a gem specialist’s shop, where he solicited to view an extent from precious stone rings and an extravagant jewel necklet. He advised the diamond setter to have the rings sent to the Savoy so that his wife could review them. He was about to leave the shop when he appeared to have changed his mind. Turning back he advised the gem specialist to send the necklet also, yet to first lessen the cost by taking out three precious stone drops that were in it.

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At the point when Peterson left the jeweler’s, the owner of the shop, whose name was Pearson, tailed him to the Savoy, carrying the gems with him. Like the inn staff, Pearson was deluded at first by Peterson’s amazing impression. He hurriedly remodelled the necklet and brought the gems to the savoy and waited in the parlor of the lodging suite while Peterson went into another room where his wife was as far as anyone knows, dressing up.

Peterson brought five rings through with him and left the door ajar. This way, Pearson heard Peterson talking and a lady’s voice reacting. At the point when Peterson returned he said his wife loved the rings and might now want to see the necklet. He again went into the room, bringing the necklet with him, yet this time shut the entryway.

Pearson got to be suspicious when both voices halted. He let himself out into the hallway and waited. A figure in a delicate top and jacket rose up out of the nearby room a few second after. It was a hidden Peterson. There was not a single wife in sight. Caught in the act, the extortionist next attempted to fake misery and advised Pearson to call for medical help in light of the fact that his wife had all of a sudden fallen sick.

The gem specialist would not be cheated once more. They tussled until Peterson surrendered, gave back four of the five rings, recoiled on the floor. While the jeweller waited for help to arrive, Pearson suddenly pulled out a razor from his pockets and slashed his own throat, and died there on the spot while cursing the entire inn for his demise.

To this day, his ghost remains in the inn, cursing those he crosses. If you go in there and bring with you a precious jewel, you can be sure that you are no longer going home with it…

That is, if you can still go home.

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Haunted Hotels

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We all love a frightening, stunning apparition story. Who doesn’t, right?

Okay, maybe not everyone loves a good ghost story, but there are some that do.

These people like ghost stories maybe because they have experienced it, or maybe because they believe in it and WANT to experience it. Nevertheless, if you want a good scare, you can always visit a hotel, like Microtel Inn Gulf Shores.

I am not like the many acclaimed ghost hunters that could actually see ghosts and feel them and interact with them. That is why perhaps, my history is not that awesome, when it comes to ghost encounters. I didn’t endure dreams of vile ectoplasm overflowing around, no shadowy figures going knock in the night.

However, it has the temperance of being a genuine story. What’s more, this spot was doubtlessly “spooky”.

I used to work in Microtel a while back. It was a truly unpleasant, alarming spot. Reminded me all that much, truth be told, of the inn in “The Shining”. No joking. It was that unpleasant, and shabby as well.

When I initially strolled into that place, I did need to concede, OK, it was truly interesting. No present day furniture, no robotized entryways. Heaps of dull, slick representations of anguishing holy people and avenging holy messengers glaring down at us from the dividers. Furthermore, the most exceedingly awful thing, no ventilation and cooling system!

In any case, as it would turn out, that is still alright. That is to say, in nowadays of desperate subsidence, a vocation is an occupation, isn’t that so?

Notwithstanding, at last, this was one occupation I needed to give up, with a huge sigh of alleviation.

What’s more, the explanation behind this, absolutely, was a direct result of every one of those wispy spirits and dreadful animals flittering about against the dividers.

As I did some examining and inspection I found that it is actually a cliché that inns and hotels are truly very ordinary places for ghosts and negative elements and souls.

I have no clue whose splendid thought it was to change these corridors, throbbing with pity, into an inn. It is not, in any case, one has to concede, an extremely effective inn.

Well, I really do not know what else to say, but that, I REALLY HAD A TERRIBLE TIME IN THAT INN, AND I WANT EVERYONE TO KNOW THAT!

Here’s a scary video for you all to feel my pain. ENJOY!


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