Attempting to Capture Ghost in Haunted Hotels

Despite the many ghost stories about hotels, some people still visit them because they either want to act tough and prove to others that there are no such things are ghost, or they want to experience the “fun” of encountering ghosts and prove their existence to themselves and their friends.

Whichever the case, it becomes the fuel that prevents these “haunted hotels” from shutting down.

However, sometimes, those looking for a good ghost experience end up having funny ones, just like how  a friend thought he was in for a scary Chicago hotel night, but only to end up advising the hotel to have their water pipes fixed.

He booked at a known haunted hotel because he wanted to see if the ghost stories were real. As the night passed, he was feeling the goosebumps more and more – cold sweats, eerie sounds, the works.

The final straw that really got his “paranormal” aura shaking, was when he started hearing faint footsteps from the bathroom of his hotel room.

With his video camera ready, he slowly started towards the room at the wee hours of the night, preparing himself to catch the ghost on camera and then probably just flee the scene.

In truth, he was really trying to capture something similar to the video below:

So, there he was, geared and convincing himself that he was ready for the scariest day of his life. He went slowly towards the door of the bathroom, sweat all over his face and body turning cold. Slowly, he turned the knob, steadying his camera with the other hand.

Finally, he swung open and extended the camera inside the bathroom. He was half expecting a ghost to appear out of nowhere and he was trying to find his voice as he let out a little “yelp.”

However, there was nothing inside, yet, the sound of the footsteps continue. As he slowly walked inside, he realized that it was not footsteps he was hearing. He focused his eyes towards the bathroom sink, and there it was, eerily leaking and dripping water down the bathroom tiles.

He was half relieved because the scare was over, but half sad that he was not able to caught anything on camera. He decided to call it a night. But before he did, he contacted room service and informed them of the leak in his bathroom.

The next morning, he was asked to transfer to a different room because the company that the hotel got from MyWebPal has arrived to fix the leak.

For the trouble, he was given a free meal and was going to be moved to a suite, so he no longer complained.

And what do you know, his real ghost story happened in that other room. Too bad he was not prepared for it, so all he was able to do was scream; no video, no proof.


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