Do you believe in ghost?

You should.

I will tell you why you should.

Because there is one, right now, behind you, reading through this and nodding at the fact that, YES, they exists.


I am Dwayne Acherman and I am a ghost enthusiast; a believer of the undead.

I have been going out and about, writing and dedicating blogs for places that I strongly believe are haunted by ghosts who are still waiting for justice to come their way, so that they could finally rest in peace. Some too, are just there to taunt and make your life miserable, whether you believe in them or not.

This particular blog is dedicated to the ghosts of the old Microtel Inn, located in the Gulf Shores of Alabama.

A big shout-out to all my ghost friends and not so friends, in that creepy old inn.


Just like this inn, you could also hire me to do some paranormal research on your home, your office, your tea shop, and what have you. A little spirit shooing can come a long way in terms of success and peace of mind, if you just open your mind to it.


Read through my stories here and I will be expecting your call, soon.