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Microtel Inn’s Legend

There are a lot of stories about this inn, but one thing that surpasses all other ghost stories in the area is the actual history of the inn.

Legend has it, that before the place was converted into an inn, it was first a house that a realtor from Joey Crews Real Estate Agency sold to the owners. The owners lived a good life in the house but was never blessed with a child to care for.

They decided to adopt a child and cared for her like she was their flesh and blood. She was set to inherit the riches of the couple.

However, the child was acting up and was not behaving the way that the couple wished for in an heiress. She went into vices and was always disrespectful to the couple that gave her the chance to live a good and blessed life.

Hence, as the couple got older, they were more worried that the riches they struggled to have for so long for their daughter would all go to waste. They were getting sick and they understood that it was only a matter of time before they left the world, and how they wished that their daughter would at least start acting mature and responsible enough to handle the businesses.

But the daughter was nowhere near changing, and so the couple was again scouting for a new heir to adopt. The daughter got hold of this news and was very mad at the decision of her foster parents.

Months after the deal to turn the house into the inn, and days before the signing of papers to adopt a young bachelor from a distant relative of the couple, a tragic incident happened.

The couple was found dead in their room. The daughter became immediate heir to everything that the couple owned and the adoption of the bachelor that was suppose to own it all did not happen, so he has zero rights of the properties.

Investigation started and the daughter was accused of the killings but it was never proven.

Days later, the daughter also died. And through legal process, the bachelor was able to own everything and was able to push forth with the creation of the legendary and tourist favorite Inn.

To this day, nobody knows why the daughter also suddenly died. Some believed that the ghost of the couple messed with the daughter that gave her a heart attack. But these are all just stories and there is no way of telling if any of the information is real. What is real right now, however, is the fact that the inn continues to prosper and be a success, despite the many ghost stories that haunt it.

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