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Haunted Hotel Stories: That Time the Son of an Anniston AL Plumber Encountered A Ghost

Son of Anniston AL plumber encounters ghost

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This is a story of a friend who happens to be the son of an Anniston AL plumber.

Mentioning his dad’s occupation is relevant to the story, as his “adventure” took place when we were still quite young and when he his dad was left with no choice but to bring him to one of the sites that he was called to check and work on.

His dad was assigned to take care of a plumbing problem in a hotel, a hotel that already has the reputation as one that is haunted. However, the brave man that he was, the plumber did not seem to mind the issue, and even brought along his son because his wife was away for an emergency at her parent’s home.

When they got to the place, the father specifically told my friend to just stay in the lobby and wait for him to come back. However, being the curious boy that he was, he was out and about the corridors of the hotel, less than five minutes from the time that his dad was out of sight.

While he roamed the hotel, he was initially blissful and just giddy to check out every nook and cranny of the place, since it was also his first time in the hotel.

He was able to get a glimpse of the restaurant, the conference hall, and even went out to check the swimming pool. ┬áHe was a very adventurous kid then, but thankfully, he did not attempt to swim in the pool. If he did, I’m not sure if he was able to live to tell the tale of his life.

So, after a few minutes by the pool area, he caught sight of a door. As usual, his curiosity got the best of him and so he decided to try and open the door. Well, it opened and so he entered a dim corridor.

Little did he find that it was a restricted area in the hotel because it was believed to be the most haunted area of the place. It served like an “offering” area to the ghosts that roam the place, so that they would just stay in that area and not bother with any other places in the hotel, so as not to disrupt other guest. Kind of like how some people believe that leaving food for the dead prevents them from scaring people.Only this time, instead of food, the hotel opted to give them their own space in the hotel to roam into.

Haunted Hotel visited by son of Anniston AL Plumber

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Well, so there, my friend got in and he ended up feeling all kinds of goosebumps all over his body. Still, he decided to move further into the corridors, until he saw a flash of white pass him by in the other side of an empty room. Scared beyond his wits, he ran while shouting and for a moment, he was even lost and could not figure out which way was out.

That incident ended the curiosity of my friend. While he still has that itch to always discover things, this time, he makes sure to only go as far as his instinct tells him, and know when it is to have too much curiosity.


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